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Virtual Reno

Virtual Reno is a virtual renovation based company which provides you any kind of renovation for your home and condo located in Toronto. We bring a new face in design and renovation. We are ready at any time to go directly to customers and take the picture of their current House, condos or Townhouse which is based on the customers’ idea on how their house or condo will look like after renovation. Virtual Reno provides 3D virtual renovation to any kind of space on your house and condo you want to renovate. We provide a fresh idea to all stage of business and accept any idea coming from customers. What does it means? It means that Virtual Reno is always ready to share a new idea for virtual renovation based on your needs. We will offer a suitable virtual renovation when negotiating with customers based on your need, your currently house’s or condo’s condition and your budget. On the other hand, we are welcome to any of idea coming from customers.

Virtual Reno has a commitment to fulfill all the customers’ needs to bring a new face for their house and condo. As the proof of the commitment, Virtual Reno is collaborating with professional contractors and working together throughout Greater Toronto Area. We are one of the greatest virtual renovation based companies with a long history & experience of working with any stage of customers to renovate residential properties across the GTA such as Toronto, North York,  Richmond Hill, Down Town, Etobicoke, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Aurora & Oakville.

Why do you choose Virtual Reno as your partner? As our commitment and long histories & experiences in serving customers, we have never found any dissatisfaction from them. How does it so? We have a belief that customers’ satisfaction is the top listing in our hearth in providing our services. We provide day to day updated information of our work to our customers through our website so they will know the progress of our work and can directly contact us if required. Also one of the benefits of our services is that we provide services to any kind of project. It means that we do not consider the size project because we will do both big and small project. In addition, we are collaborating with an Interior Designer who will take your ideas to the next level and will adapt your existing house’s or condo’s space, your style and budget. Therefore, you will achieve how your house and condo look like as you dreamed of.

Do you want to renovate your house and condo virtually? Virtual Reno will provide everything you need through working with professional contractors and designers to bring a new idea of 3D Virtual Renovation for your house and condo. You can negotiate your idea and budget with us. In addition, you have not to be worry about everything because Virtual Reno will get into your hearth to achieve everything you need for your house and condo.

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